The Motorbike


The Failure      

Back in the 1930s, Maytag came out with a wringer-type washing machine with a kick-start, two-stroke gasoline engine. Without getting technical, the oil had to be mixed with the gasoline to lubricate the engine. Every wife wanted one, and every kid wanted the engine off of the washing machine when the machine no longer functioned. Herb’s brother, Jimmy, mounted one on a bicycle. Jimmy explained to Herb that there would not be any problems stopping the bike. All Herb had to do was lean down and move a little lever to slow the engine down. To move the little lever, Herb had to take one hand off the handlebar and look down, when he should have been watching the road. This was equivalent to the modern-day concept of texting while driving. So, there were problems, and Herb crashed the bike into the same roadside ditch he had crashed the sailing bicycle. He was scraped up and bleeding in the same locations, and probably from the same rocks, since he crashed in the same location. Herb had failed yet again.

The Lesson            

Herb learned that there is a relationship between weight of the vehicle and the horsepower which should be used to power it.

The Success        

Herb learned that he should never get on or in any vehicle which his brother, Jimmy, suggested that he pilot. As a result, he has been in much fewer accidents than his previous history would have predicted he would be in.


Author: Herb

In January, 2010, I left corporate America, and now I have my own business. Since I have never been able to focus on one item (Does that make me a scatter brain?), I divided my company into three divisions: Kayak guiding and instructing - specializing in nature kayaking, Building materials consultant - specializing in cements and forensics, and Writing - Stories w/ life lessons and construction books that are fun to read. Published books: The Stucco Book - The Basics, Animals I Have Hated, Grandpa, Help! Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents, Grandpa Helps Grandparents, Living with Cancer – That Intense Houseguest, Homes for Jubilee (June, 2016), and Kay pou Jubilee (in Haitian Creole) (August, 2016). Forthcoming Books: The Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer Book, The Stucco Book - Forensics and Repairs, and Failing My Way to Success.

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