In Haiti

I have not posted for about two weeks, I’ve been working in Haiti with very limited internet connection. Day before yesterday I had a major failure. I walked into a building which I had been asked to look at the ceiling and determine how to fix it. I made the mistake of reaching up with my cane and touching the ceiling.

I condemned the building after that. I’m OK, but I should not have touched the ceiling with my cane.

Expect to be able to post regularly starting again next week.


Author: Herb

In January, 2010, I left corporate America, and now I have my own business. Since I have never been able to focus on one item (Does that make me a scatter brain?), I divided my company into three divisions: Kayak guiding and instructing - specializing in nature kayaking, Building materials consultant - specializing in cements and forensics, and Writing - Stories w/ life lessons and construction books that are fun to read. Published books: The Stucco Book - The Basics, Animals I Have Hated, Grandpa, Help! Answers to Questions a Young Lady Would Never Ask Her Parents, Grandpa Helps Grandparents, Living with Cancer – That Intense Houseguest, Homes for Jubilee (June, 2016), and Kay pou Jubilee (in Haitian Creole) (August, 2016). Forthcoming Books: The Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer Book, The Stucco Book - Forensics and Repairs, and Failing My Way to Success.

One thought on “In Haiti”

  1. It takes courage to ask difficult questions. Your question was whether the structure of the ceiling was strong enough to withstand a simple touching with your cane. Your courage and your difficult question probably saved lives from a falling ceiling.

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